Cut Copy release ‘January Trip’ new visuals

Cut Copy release extended visuals of 'January Trip.'

On September 30, Cut Copy surprise-dropped January Tape, a 44-minute ambient, instrumental piece of sonic art available as a 400-cassette limited edition run. The cassettes have since sold out but the band has announced that as of this Friday, October 28th, January Tape will be available digitally.

The digital release of Cut Copy’s January Tape comes accompanied by a short video, “January Trip”, directed by Glen Goetze and edited by Brendan MacLeod. The video takes from several parts of the tape, evoking the lush, cinematic and occasionally disparate moods in the music via split screen themed imagery, both man-made and elemental in origin. More meditation than music video, more hypnosis than hype, “January Trip” works as a harmonious visual companion to the soundscapes in the tape.

The band is currently in the final stages of the follow up to 2013’s Free Your Mind but took a well earned break to create the tape.

10/26: Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
10/27: New York, NY @ Good Room
10/28: Denver, CO @ Bar Standard