“Crystal Ball” by Levitation Room

In Los Angeles, where the weight and pressure of the city’s fast paced
culture can make your legs feel like pillars, emerges psychedelic
quartet, Levitation Room, to break the bonds of gravity with their
cosmic wall of sound and thought provoking lyrics. Their decidedly hallucinogenic
jams whisper and hum the same gentle refrains of their summer of love
influences, conjuring up the cognitive imagery of sunny days at the
park, spent with friends in a euphoric haze along with lyrical and
sonic meditations on life, love, and self-awareness.

In tradition, and much like the bands and musical troubadours that
inspired them, Levitation Room started out with late night jam session
in a dimly lit garage between fellow musicians and long time friends,
Julian Porte and Gabriel Fernandez. Julian, a dedicated street
musician who felt he needed a broader platform for people to hear his
music, found chemistry with Gabriel, who he knew as a long time guitar
player in various teenage punk and garage bands. Coming together in
2012, they bonded over a shared love of British Invasion groups (The
Beatles, The Kinks, The Stones) and 1960’s psychedelic outfits like
The Grateful Dead, Chocolate Watchband, The Pretty Things and began
drafting their earliest tunes. It wasn’t until the late summer of
2012, that the band came to fruition when they found a rhythm section
in two individuals with almost identical names: drummer, Johnathan
Martin, and bassist, Jonathan Martin. Without much hesitation, the
four began writing songs, playing gigs and recording music out of a
quaint studio they found in East LA. Here they would spend time
refining their craft, evolving their sound and starting a collective
of musicians and artists to run a creative space known as Everydaze

Using Everydaze as a catalyst to create a scene around them,
Levitation Room began organizing DIY shows to introduce their sound to
the local LA scene. Soon their space became a popular destination for
gigs, hosting live music events with other local bands and friends
such as: Mystic Braves, Cherry Glazerr, Froth, Joel Jerome, The
Memories, Mild High Club, The Blank Tapes and many more. Forming a
music and art space of their own and opening their doors to other
artists evoked an interest in their name around Los Angeles.

After the release of their self recorded Demo/EP “Vol.1”, Levitation Room begann performing at local music venues such as: The Echo, The Satellite, The Observatory and The Smell. 2015 saw the release of their first official debut EP “Minds Of Our Own” released on Burger Records. Since 2014, Levitation Room has participated in various shows, tours and music festivals across the west coast and southwest regions.

Levitation Room debut album Ethos, comes out February 19th on Burger Records.

01 Strangers Of Our Time
02 Cosmic Flower
03 Loved
04 Lazy Lawrence
05 Reasons Why
06 Standing In The Rain
07 Plain To See
08 There Are No Words
09 Til You Reach Your Last Breath
10 Crystal Ball


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