“Crush” By Ethel Cain

"Crush" By Ethel Cain is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the Florida singer/songwriter's EP Inbred
"Crush" By Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain is back with her new single “Cain,” the track is from her upcoming debut EP Inbred, out April 23rd on Daughters of Cain. Reporting live from the depths of a daydream, “Crush” is Cain’s ode to her camo jacket-clad object of affection. Her guitar and Auto Tuned vocals hang in the air like a warm breeze, one that carries her fantasies into the larger world. Engulfed by infatuation, her voice shudders in pleasure as she dotes on her pitiful bad boy, who’s irresistible when he comes to her “on all fours.”

From: Ethel Cain

“When you go to high school at a community college in rural Florida, you wind up meeting all sorts of weirdos,” Cain reveals. “I really had no business at 16 having week-long relationships with random 23-year-old drifter students but at the time I just thought they were so cool. You know, the deadbeat stoner skater boys who definitely weren’t making it over the county line. It was out of total innocence that I ever envisioned a future with them but damn it if I didn’t daydream about them all the same. Good men die too, and all that.”

Ethel Cain

1. Michelle Pfeiffer (feat. lil aaron)
2. Crush
3. Unpunishable
4. God’s Country (feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal)
5. Inbred
6. Two-headed Mother


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