The Crookes premiere new LP ‘Soapox’

THE CROOKES PREMIERE NEW LP 'SOAPBOX' OUT THIS TUESDAY ON MODERN OUTSIDER. The album comes out on April 15th via Modern Outsider

The Crookes have made their new album, Soapbox, available for streaming today, prior to its release in stores this Tuesday, April 15 on Modern Outsider.  listen here.  The Sheffield, UK quartet’s sophomore North American release, third overall, was recorded in remote isolation in a church in the northern Italian alps, bringing together this band of outsiders, as they laid out their plan of attack. “The most obvious theme that runs through the entire album is the idea of ‘The Outsider’,” frets guitarist and lyricist Daniel. “As a band that seems to suit us… never invited inside, but never wanting to be. I can empathize more with the madman standing on his soapbox, slowly gaining an audience by speaking with passion and honesty.”

The Crookes head out across Europe this spring with a full North American tour in the works for this summer.

Soapbox track listing:

01. Play Dumb

02. Don’t Put Your Faith In Me

03. Echolalia

04. Before The Night Falls

05. Holy Innocents

06. Outsiders

07. When You’re Fragile

08. Marcy

09. Howl

10. Soapbox

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