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Crime & City Solution share video and download

Crime & The City Solution have just released a psychedelic video, directed by Denielle de Picciotto, for their first single, “Goddess”, from their upcoming album American Twilight (out March 26th) Mixed by renowned producer Flood, “Goddess” is one of the most celebratory songs from the album, with such jubilant lyrics as “Love the light of which you give / A human touch eternal gift / Against the dark a gentle face / I celebrate your sensual grace / Oh Goddess”. “Goddess” will be released digitally on March 5th and pre-order for American Twilight is available now.

After a two-decade hiatus, the legendary Crime & The City Solution are back! Newly incarnated and now based in Detroit, the octet return March 26th with a new album, American Twilight.

This latest embodiment of Crime & The City Solution sees Berlin era members Simon Bonney (vocals), Bronwyn Adams (violin) and Alexander Hacke (guitar), joined by renowned visual artist Danielle de Picciotto, Jim White (drums – Dirty Three, Cat Power), David Eugene Edwards (guitar – 16 Horsepower, Wovenhand), Troy Gregory (bass – Witches) and Matthew Smith (Moog / keyboards – Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats).

Formed by Simon Bonney at the age of 16, Crime & The City Solution’s early performances in Sydney had a big impact on key figures in the early Melbourne art-punk/post punk scene.In 1984, Bad Seed Mick Harvey shipped Bonney to England to form the London-based Crime. There they joined forces with the brilliant and ever-influential ex-Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S Howard, his brother Harry Howard on bass and Epic Soundtracks on drums. Two years later, after the release of an album and several EPs, and tours across Europe, the UK and US the London lineup reached its zenith. The band celebrated its finale with a historic swansong performance in Wim Wenders’ cinematic masterpiece ‘Wings of Desire’. Bonney then removed himself to Berlin, where a new phase of Crime would begin.

Bonney has said his true voice and the definitive sound he sought emerged with the subsequent, Berlin-based incarnation of Crime & The City Solution. Comprised of 50% Berliner, the new collective consequently drew less from Melbourne post punk scene roots, and embraced a more explorative musical approach. The end result was a more experimental sound indicative of the musical inclinations of the current lineup: Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alex Hacke on guitar, ex-DAF/Liaisons Dangereuses electronic genius Chrislo Haas on vintage Korg patchbay synth, free jazz trio bassist Thomas Stern, with Australians Mick Harvey on drums and Bonney’s lyrical collaborator Bronwyn Adams on violin. This second Berlin manifestation released three studio albums and a live CD between 1986 and 1991.

Following well received US and European tours at the end of 2012, Crime & The City Solution shared new tracks “The Colonel (Doesn’t Call Anymore)”, “Goddess” and the title track from the forthcoming American Twilight. With growing anticipation for the release of this new album, they are offering for download another new track, “My Love Takes Me There”.



My Love Takes Me There

Riven Man


The Colonel (Doesn’t Call Anymore)

Beyond Good And Evil

American Twilight

Streets Of West Memphis

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