“Creator” By Ora The Molecule

Ora The Molecule is the project of Nora Schjelderup. The multi-artist, grew up in Spain, Italy, and her home country of Norway. Always the new kid in school, she adopted the role of observer and sought to connect with new people and cultures. Schjelderup credits this nomadic lifestyle with helping her develop an appreciation for others’ experiences.

For Human Safari, a collection of joyous, beat-driven pop and slick synthwave songs, Schjelderup returned to the role of observer. “You could look at it like a bird walking around and feeling stupid for not understanding how everything works,” she theorizes. “You feel small. When cognition takes over, those feelings can come easily because it’s so much to take in for a tiny creature. It’s celebrating the spectacle.”

Schjelderup espouses the concept of the extended chosen family and welcoming those who might otherwise feel uninvited. “Community is everything,” she says. “It’s very important but it starts with the individual. If I can contribute to that, I want to do it.”

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