CO/NTRY debuts video for “Living in a Body”

CO/NTRY debuts video for "Living in a Body".

On the Video:

The band worked with Dane Richards of Yard666sale on this video. Beaver and Dane are old friends. The band are big fans of his Instagram page, and had a strong visceral reactions to his work, so wanted to work with him to create something similar for the track.

From the band: The song is called, “Living in a Body”, Beaver is singing “living in a body, that’s not me” repeatedly at the end of the track. We figure the song is about living in your head, or being out of your body, or being on the internet, or being in another dimension where there are no bodies. We used bondage as a loose theme for Dane to work with.

Basically, we brought a bunch of garbage over to Dane’s place, got a group of friend’s together, got loose and trashed his house. The video is the result out of that night.

About Dane Richards:

Dane Richards is the founder of yard666sale, a clothing and lifestyle brand. Focusing on dressing the most popular and freshest people on the internet with one of a kind wearable artworks.

Dane is good friends with Kanye West and they’re working on many things together. He designed clothes for Kim Kardashian and the baby.

CO/NTRY is an adult-contemporary post-punk duo comprised of Newfoundland-born/Montreal-based artists Beaver Sheppard and David Whitten. Though the band likes to think of themselves as genre-neutral, their music cycles through a wide variety of styles with manic indifference. The name — originally “Country” — was chosen because it was confusing and impossible to search for online, in the tradition of enigmatic acts like Boston and Chicago. The new version was selected with greater visibility in mind, provided people can remember how to spell it, or are aware that the name has changed at all.

Sheppard met Whitten while dating his then-roommate: “We kind of formed because of the POP Montreal band lotto, where you workshop songwriting in one night. Everyone I was supposed to work with had dropped out. I didn’t even know if he was any good or anything; I just asked him. He had a weirdness to him.”

Lifestyle proclivities led the band to become a major part of the city’s seedy after-hours scene, where the enthusiastic reception they received from intoxicated audiences gave them the inflated sense of confidence they needed to continue. Fans of their music included employees of Montreal label Turbo Recordings, who helped enable the recording of their first album, Failure, the product of a single three-hour studio session.

CO/NTRY entered negotiations to sign a contract with Bethlehem XXX — a restaurant/art collective/performance space where Sheppard served as head chef — which has been described as Andy Warhol’s Factory if the point was to never produce anything at all. After agreeing to a record deal with the restaurant’s owner, the band decided to leak the album via Facebook the very next day, figuring it would supply a better narrative for future band bios. History has proven them correct.

CO/NTRY well release their second album, Cell Phone 1, via Montreal label Fantôme Records, this April, and have shown a great deal of restraint in not name-dropping Psychic TV and Ricardo Villalobos until the very end of this text. They plan to remain friends for the foreseeable future.