Contradash Favorite Color

“favorite color” by contradash is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“favorite color” by contradash

contradash, has released his new single “favorite color.” The track, is the latest in a series of singles released by the young artist for Interscope Records in 2020, following previous releases “white lie,” “petal pickin’” and “cat out the bag.” Along with the news, contradash has confirmed his debut EP for Interscope Records ‘ALL-STAR,’ as well as the EP’s track list, below. ‘ALL-STAR’ is contradash’s first project to be released through Interscope Records.

“It’s a blessing to not tackle the real life aspect of this yet,” says contradash, who has spent most of 2020 writing and making music. “This is just beyond extra credit. I couldn’t be in a bad mood if I tried.” Read contradash’s full interview with PAPER Magazine here.

“‘favorite color’ is a play on the color red being a girl’s favorite color. I described leaving someone on ‘read,’ who’s favorite color is ‘red,’ as leaving them on their favorite color,” says contradash. “On an unrelated note, I really was wondering how long it’d take people to find me if I had randomly buried myself somewhere. That’s what the pre-hook is saying. Looking back this really makes me realize how scatter-brained I am when coming up with song ideas. But it’s all fun regardless and I really love this one.”

Track List

hi neighbor
way out
favorite color
petal pickin’
come wit me
keep me around