Communions Debut New Song “So Long Sun”

Communions (Denmark) share new song "So Long Sun" from their 'So Long Sun' EP

Danish four-piece Communions have detailed their new single, So Long Sun which sees its release on Tough Love Records November 10th as a limited 7″ and backed by their forthcoming single, “Love Stands Still”. In the heat of their debut EP, ‘Cobblestones’ ( released earlier this year via Posh Isolation), comes “So Long Sun” which debuted today.

Communions are a new young quartet from Copenhagen who came together at Mayhem, the same four-wall rehearsal space as contemporaries Iceage and Lower, and it’s from this same studio/venue complex that most of Copenhagen’s new punk, industrial and synth scene originates. Though Communions share a flame with the current Copenhagen wave, the torch is certainly their own. The band, made up of brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen, recorded the debut ‘Cobblestones’ EP in Frederik’s bedroom, where the guitars scream like torn throats and the songs beat in rhythm of young hearts pouring over with passion. On the new single the band went into a recording studio for the first time using many of the same techniques from the home recordings but resulting in songs sounding like they were intended when forming the band.

Communions are: Martin Rehof (vocal and guitar), Mads Rehof (bass), Jacob van Deurs Formann (guitar) and Frederik Lind Köppen (drums).



So Long Sun 7″

Tough Love Records

November 10th, 2014

Side A – So Long Sun

Side B – Love Stands Still



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