“Come Away With Me” Moon King

Moon King has released a new video for “Come Away With Me”. Moon King, aka Daniel Benjamin, recently announced a new LP, Voice Of Lovers and shared the track “Neon Lights” (Ft. Vespre). Voice Of Lovers comes out on April 2nd via Arbutus Records (Tops, Sean Nicholas Savage). Moon King will be touring behind Voice Of Lovers, starting April 5th in Montreal.

Moon King on the track;

“”Come Away With Me” is musically inspired by Cake’s ‘Short Skirt Long Jacket,’ and lyrically by frequent trips to Montreal with a bunch of Detroit party maniacs.”

On Voice Of Lovers;

“There are a lot of quick cuts and transitions and the songs are pretty short, it’s meant to feel a bit breathless or disorienting, like driving around and dropping in at a few different clubs in a night. lyrically the songs are little stories from the last couple of years…… trying to live in the US as a non-citizen, listening to records at the apartment in Hamtramck, late nights out at parties like Freakish Pleasures and Macho City, trips with the crew to Montreal, being on tour during the 2016 US election, spending the holidays alone in Detroit, the deaths of George Michael & Prince and the unfinished Moon King record from 2015. it’s dark and fun and a little nihilistic but ultimately positive.”

Moon Kings
Voice Of Lovers
Arbutus Records

01. Around the World
02. Creep (dance 4 u)
03. Voice of Lovers
04. USA Today
05. Neon Lights (ft. Vespre)
06. Blue & White
07. Come Away With Me
08. October Surprise
09. Six Months of the Year
10. Free Time
11. You & Me (we’re naked)
12. Separation Anxiety

Moon King

05 April – L’Escogriffe; Montreal, QC
11 April – The Monarch; Toronto, ON
26 April – Internet Explorer; Berlin, DE
27 April – Klub RE; Krakow, PL
28 April – Poglos; Warsaw, PL
02 May – TIFF; Leipzig, DE
06 May – Ideal Bar; Copenhagen, DK
11 May – Supersonic; Paris, FR
16 May – V11; Rotterdam, NL
17 May – Fridaynit; Groningen, NL
20 May – CHAFF; Brussels, BE
05 June – This Ain’t Hollywood; Hamilton, ON
08 June – Monkey Bar; Burlington, VT
10 June – Cafe Nine; New Haven, CT
11 June – O’Brien’s; Boston, MA
12 June – Elsewhere; Brooklyn, NY
13 June – Boot & Saddle; Philadelphia, PA
14 June – Windup Space; Baltimore, MD
15 June – Charlie’s American Cafe; Norfolk, VA
16 June – The Camel; Richmond, VA
18 June – Now That’s Class; Cleveland, OH
20 June – MOTR; Cincinnati, OH
21 June – Phog Lounge; Windsor, ON
22 June – Deluxx Fluxx; Detroit, MI
28 June – Empty Bottle; Chicago, IL