Cloud Castle Lake debut new single “Twins”

Cloud Castle Lake debut new single "Twins".
Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake, the four-piece from Dublin, Ireland have released their new single “Twins,” the track is available worldwide via Bright Antenna Records. Produced by Rob Kirwan (Hozier, PJ Harvey) “Twins was initially about the way people present themselves online; declaring yourself part of a group, the need to prove yourself within it and the paranoid narcissism that goes with that. In the two years since writing it, it’s unexpectedly taken on a much more troubling and urgent meaning.” Explains the band’s lead-man and vocalist Daniel McAuley.

Formed in 2014 with their self-released debut Dandelion, the young band has since been championed by critics across the globe. Pitchfork welcomed them for being an “extremely rare case where a band incorporates not just the vocals and the rhythmic vibrancy, but also the pioneering spirit.”

Now, equipped with an independent record label called Bright Antenna behind them and an exhilarating body of work up their sleeves Cloud Castle Lake has confirmed their debut LP (also produced by Rob Kirwan) is slated for an early 2018 release. Front man Daniel continues, “when we write songs we like to run the ideas through a gamut of different arrangements and instrumentation to get inspiration. We try to be as vigilant as we can about not letting it get too dense or convoluted. Despite that, Twins ended up having a ludicrous amount of layers and we’ve found that the whole thing collapses if we try to take away any part.”

Equal parts pastoral folk and soaring post-rock crescendos, Cloud Castle Lake comprises of Daniel McAuley, Brendan William Jenkinson, Rory O’Connor and Brendan Doherty and often features additional collaborative musicians. Hailing from Dublin, the band has supported touring acts such as Glasser, Lisa Hannigan and Nigel Godrich’s Ultraísta.