Close Talker Announce 3D-360 Concerts

Ahead of the release of their album How Do We Stay Here?, Close Talker have released a video for the album track “Pace”.
Close Talker 'Peace'

Ahead of the release of their album How Do We Stay Here?, Close Talker have released a video for the album track “Pace”. Directed by Ben Giesbrecht in Florencia Bay, BC, Close Talker videos are often slow paced, serious, and ambiguous, “For this one, we threw all of that out the window and made something completely spontaneous,” the band says. “Taking a step back, we think it captures a lot of what this song is trying to say, which is to still remember the times when you didn’t care about having it all together.

‘Pace’ is about fearing your friends will grow up long before you are ready to. It’s about people in your inner circle boldly striving toward adulthood without your consent and it evokes a question of allegiance; ‘whose side are you on?’ It gives a voice to the growing pains of those wanting to remain bliss. ‘Pace’ is about the moment you start to see your friendships, like everything else, fall victim to time.”

Close Talker have invited their audience to join them and take part in pioneering a new, innovative form of live music consumption – a 3D-360 Silent Headphone Concert. The audience’s headphone mix will utilize cutting edge binaural mixing technology, live in real time.

“The sound will fully immerse the audience with instrumentation and voices orbiting and swirling around them on all axis, increasing the impact and depth of the band’s already acclaimed live show. Close Talker will be performing their new unreleased album How Do We Stay Here? from front to back. To heighten the experience even further, each performance will showcase a local visual artist who will offer their interpretation of the music and manipulate their craft live offering a multi sensational immersive experience. The objective is to take part and invest in the power that music and art can offer, both on a personal and communal level. The goal is to create an environment where one can truly let go, if only for a moment.” Full tour dates can be found below. How Do We Stay Here? will be available worldwide August 30 via Slow Weather.

Close Talker
How Do We Stay Here?
Strange Weather

The Change It Brings
Arm’s Length
Half Past Nine
Carefully In The Dark
The Lake By The Hotel

Close Talker

Jul 5 – Prince Albert, SK – Chester Fest
Jul 6 – Rabbit Creek, SK – Napatak Ramble Festival
Aug 2 – Vancouver, BC – Western Front % * SOLD OUT
Aug 3 – Wells, BC – Artswells Festival
Aug 6 – Edmonton, AB – Art Gallery Of Alberta % * SOLD OUT
Aug 7 – Calgary, AB – Broken City Rooftop % * SOLD OUT
Aug 8 – Regina, SK – Local Market YQR %
Aug 10 – Winnipeg, MB – Burton Cummings Theatre %
Aug 13 – Ottawa, ON – Saw Gallery % (EVENT)
Aug 14 – Sarnia, ON – Refined Fool Brewing %
Aug 15 – Toronto, ON – Roland Inspiration Centre %
Aug 16 – Hamilton, ON – Collective Brewing %
Aug 17 –- Montreal, QC – TBA %

% 3D Audio Performances


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