“Close My Eyes” by Feels

"Close My Eyes" by Feels is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Feels, Consisting of singer-guitarist Laena Geronimo, formerly of the band the Like, guitarist and keyboardist Shannon Lay, bassist Amy Allen and drummer Michael Rudes, Feels is a “a psych punk grunge post future rock + roll whatever band.” Slanted scuzzy guitar interplay, a little grrlish swagger, flashes of raw emotion and a cement chip of punk attitude propel these songs directly to your dome and down the brain stem. Kinetic, omnivorous, and easy to get stuck in the noggin, Feels has charm and grit to spare and is pushed deeper into the red, weird wilds by Ty Segall’s home-cooked production. Feels Today, premiered album opener “Close My Eyes”. Feels will release their self-titled album via Castle Face Feb 26th.

Out February 26th, 2016 on Castle Face Records

1. Close My Eyes
2. Slippin
3. Play It Cool
4. Today
5. Tell Me
6. Unicorn
7. Bird’s Eye
8. Small Talk
9. Running’s Fun