"Heyi" by CLAVVS is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Heyi" by CLAVVS

CLAVVS recently released their new album Dance in Place, on October 13, via Turn To Wind. Today, the duo have shared the album track “Heyi.” Says CLAVVS about the song: it’s about finding joy in every moment– a criticism of capitalism & grind culture and a call for radical self acceptance. We’ve been loving the reception so far! And fans of the duo, who have grown with CLAVVS will find joy in the track.

Amber Renee and Graham Marsh have become fixated on one thing–finding joy in little moments. As CLAVVS, they’ve shifted their former goal of making subversive pop songs to one that simultaneously facilitates and reflects their own growth. And in doing so, they’ve embraced their flaws to reinvent themselves entirely.

From Amber:

“We really wanted to challenge ourselves to make something we had never made before, something that, for a long time, didn’t feel at home to us. We didn’t know how to write happy songs that felt genuine.”

From Graham:

“We aren’t taking ourselves very seriously anymore. We just want to have fun with our band.”