Clark Announces New EP “Fantasm Planes”, Out Sept 4 on Warp Records

Clark Announces New EP “Fantasm Planes”, Out Sept 4 on Warp Records

Stream title track here:

Clark announces the release of Fantasm Planes. The six track EP is due for release on September 4th. It is counterpart to the recently released Iradelphic, featuring new variations on key album tracks as heard in his recent live shows; this includes three reworks of album tracks and three brand new tracks. The title track was premiered on KCRW last month, during a guest DJ set from Clark on Garth Trinidad’s show.

Fantasm Planes sees Clark exploring the harder, more dancefloor orientated side of his work, and was partly inspired by his recent new live show setup, which involved heavy, psychedelic synth improvisations, infectious beatwork and more upfront, melodic sequences.

Clark: “Ian Brown has always loved the sound of trumpets. I’ve occasionally liked the sound of flutes. And bass. Analogue bass and psychedelic melodies to trip out to on the dance floor. No hippy s**t though. This EP is more about conjuring the full mind-distortion that you get when you hear this music on loud sound systems, that’s sort of what Fantasm Planes is about.

Refocusing the album into the context of metric rave gear, but with those full, saturated textures of Iradelphic still playing a vital part ” This album also coincided with Clark’s first run of US shows in years and fans can expect not to have to wait that long again to see him back in the States.


1. Fantasm Planes
2. Henderson Swooping
3. Com Re-Touch / Pocket for Jack
4. Brigitte
5. Secret Slow Show
6. Dove In Flames


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