“Church Garden” Mesa Luna

Mesa Luna is the dream-pop, shoegaze production project of Vancouver multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Justice McLellan. Over the course of the past year he collaborated with Jason Corbett (ACTORS) to produce a hazy LP of warbly synths, blissed out guitars and cathartic songs at Jacknife Sound. “The record circles around the complexities of dissociation and trauma.” Today, Mesa Luna has shared the Mosaic East Studios produced video for “Church Garden.” Lash is now available via Afterlife Music.

Justice McLellan AKA: Mesa Luna on the video for “Church Garden”

“If a photograph was taken with a slow shutter speed and you moved your body, there would be this Russian doll, ghostly effect created with your movement. I imagine trauma does something similar to someone’s personality. The more uncomfortable, the farther the ghost you would occupy creating distance between yourself and the present. My personal goal making this record was to ground myself, see myself in focus and work past that oscillating mode by confronting certain aspects of my childhood”.

After releasing a well received EP this year with Blue J, singles with his other band Harlequin Gold and finishing his debut studio album as Mesa Luna; Justice proves himself to be a creative force and artist to keep an eye on in 2019.

Mesa Luna
Afterlife Music

1. Feel Nothing
2. Dispel
3. Church Garden
4. Woronoco
5. Shutting Down
6. Sarve
7. Don’t Let Go
8. As It Happened
9. Never Steady
10. This Is Your Life


'Baby Blue' by Harlequin Gold, album review by Leskie Chu.

‘Baby Blue’ Harlequin Gold

Mesa Luna has debuted their new single "Dispell," the project of Vancouver artist Justice McLellan, will release his debut LP on March 22nd via Afterlife

“Dispel” Mesa Luna

Mesa Luna AKA Justice McLellan recently released the lead-single "Feel Nothing" off his debut LP 'Lash', out arch 22nd via Afterlife Music ltd

“Feel Nothing” Mesa Luna