Christopher Sky Debuts “Under the Waves”

Los Angeles-based mulit-instrumentalist Christopher Sky shares "Under The Waves"
Christopher Sky "Under The Waves"

Los Angeles-based mulit-instrumentalist Christopher Sky AKA: Christopher Garcia will release his new full-length What It Is, It Isn’t on March 13th via Aagoo Records. He’s a product of his surroundings, from his Mexican-American heritage and Southern California geography infusing his music with an authentic warmth a la Tycho, to becoming something of an understudy to Jimmy LaValle aka The Album Leaf down in Los Angeles.

Christopher Sky’s first album “Cotton Dream EP.” was recorded in 2011 and was self released through his own label SEJATSKI LTD. The album had contributions from Paul Espinoza on guitar and electronics. The recordings displayed a new direction for him, more ambiance filled with dense texture.

Christopher Sky on “Under The Waves:”

“When I began writing this record, I had I originally envisioned it to be completely ambient and recorded to tape. In doing so I ended up with two versions of the record. One very beat oriented and the other keeping with the same ideas as “Vastness”. This song actually made it on the final record. I had a chance to record with a vibraphone for this song and loved how it turned out. The song was completely improvised and written and recorded at the same time. I rarely write like that, but I wanted to try something new and capture this feeling as best as I could.”

Christopher Sky
What It Is, It Isn’t
Track List

From The Start
New Age
In A Hallway
Under The Waves
Knight Of Cups
Months Ago
Travelers Theme


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