Christopher Owens ‘Lysandre’ – January 15th, 2013

Solo debut from singer, songwriter and former Girls frontman Christopher Owens has been confirmed for a January 15th 2013 release. Lysandre will be released in the US on Fat Possum and Turnstile for the rest of the world.

Named for a girl he met whilst in France for a festival performance, Lysandre – written, recorded and sequenced as a complete narrative – was inspired by the events of Girls’ first ever tour in the summer of 2008. Owens describes the records as: “A coming of age story, a road trip, a love story.”

The San Francisco-based musician goes on to explain, “Lysandre could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair. But it’s much more than that.”  Written almost entirely in one creating outpouring and recording with former Girls producer Doug Boehm, Lysandre follows Owens from San Francisco – where he’s filled with excitement after writing his band’s Album – to New York City and on to the French Riviera – where he falls in love with the record’s namesake – before a melancholy return home and a beautifully articulated epilogue.

Lysandre tracklist in full:

01:  Lysandre’s Theme
02:  Here We Go
03:  New York City
04:  A Broken Heart
05:  Here We Go Again
06:  Riviera Rock
07:  Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener
08:  Lysandre
09:  Everywhere You Knew
10:  Closing Theme
11:  Part Of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)