Christian Sparacio Covers “I Melt With You”

New Jersey singer/songwriter Christian Sparacio has Covered British band Modern English's classic track "I Melt With You"
Christian Sparacio "I Melt With You"

Singer/songwriter Christian Sparacio, has shared his take on the classic “I Melt With You,” by Modern English. The New Jersey native’s Stripped down version of the song, is a true joy. The track has been covered numerous times, this is right up there with the best.

Sparacio is a former college football player turned musician from Marlboro, NJ. After years of keeping his musical passion secret, he opened the floodgates to music upon his enrollment at George School, a Quaker boarding school in Newtown, PA.

His music demonstrates the sense of calm he found in between football and his musical dream. Call it melancholy longing or a bittersweet nostalgia, Sparacio’s music connects one with their desperate yearning for the past without sacrificing their fervent pursuit for the future. Torn between all the paths of life, winding forward and back, Sparacio delivers a unique indie-pop/folk sound everyone can find comfort in.


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