Child Actor share “Against the Night” video

Child Actor share "Against the Night" video for their single "Against the Night" from their upcoming album 'Never Die' which comes out on July 15th

Experimental indie pop duo Child Actor self-release their genre-blending sophomore album Never Die on July 15. A nostalgic nod to young love and loss, the official music video for lead single, “Against The Night” is out and is viewable below.

“It’s a paradise. It’s very beautiful but at the same time it’s so dangerous. It’s where anyone can find joy or death at any moment. It makes love more important, but maybe scarier too.” – Child Actor’s singer, Natalie Plaza on her home country of Venezuela, a place defined by uninhibited warmth, celebration and violent socio-political unrest. The crooning vocalist could just as easily have been talking about the vibrant blend of passion, euphoria, and dread that lies at the heart of Never Die.

Never Die is a riot of genres: synth-pop at this purest form (“Against The Night”), emotionally resonant lo-fi (“Morning”), indie-leaning chillwave (“The Memory”), plus the swirling R&B influenced “Forever” featuring textural backbeats and allusive lyricism spouting, “If ever we should leave one another I know it’s not the end, I will find you, even if it’s a long way.” Deep circulating synths and overlapping textures convey the duo’s ethereal interpretations of what “Forever” really means.

When asked how he thinks Child Actor’s music might “change the world” Heath’s answer takes the same existential approach as his music stating, “There will be more plastic; there will be slightly less hard drive space; the music industry will become imperceptibly more splintered and a number of people will feel a peculiar kind of sensual pleasure.” – Max Heath

Never Die is available for purchase on July 15 via physical and digital download.

Child Actor
Never Die
Track Listing

1. Morning
2. Against The Night
3. Never Die
4. Last Time
5. Dream Prayer
6. Forever
7. You’re A Ghost
8. Fear & Pleasure
9. The Memory
10. The Moment
11. Ungone

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