Cherrie Laurel debuts video for “Pleases Me”

Cherrie Laurel releases new single and video for "Pleases Me." The track is off the Vancouver multi-artist's debut release 'A Furnace A Fire.'
Cherrie Laurel Pleases Me"

Vancouver artist CHERRIE LAUREL, the new solo project from Vancouver multi-artist Brittney Rand, and formerly of electronic duo Mu, have released a new single and video for “Pleases Me.” The track, is the first from her debut album A Furnace, A Fire, due out on December 6th. This video, a one-shot on 16mm film video, was directed by Jordan Findlay. “Pleases Me” is the final musical contribution to the A Furnace, A Fire album – written, recorded and produced by CHERRIE LAUREL in her home studio in early 2018. “Although extremely personal, it is a song that explores the rhythm in isolation in a very gentle way”.

Director Jordan Findlay and Brittney Rand have collaborated on several video works in the past, and continue to work creatively with one another based off their mutual affection for analogue film work. “Jordan and I drove out to a field by the ocean, and he simply let me dance out my frustrations, in one intentionally overexposed take”.

Cherrie Laurel discusses song and video for “Pleases Me”:

“Pleases Me was written as the last contribution to my album A Furnace, A Fire which I will be releasing December 6th. I wrote, produced and recorded this song in my home studio in early 2018. This song is an extremely personal reflection on isolation and loss. On a perfectly quiet, hazy end of summer night, Jordan Findlay (director) and I went out to a field by the ocean on a whim. He filmed me on 16mm film in one take, and let me dance out my frustrations in an intentionally overexposed glow.”


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