Chavez – vinyl reissues out January 2015

Chavez - vinyl reissues of 'Ride The Fader' and 'Gone Glimmering' available January 2015 via Matador

“It’s not like we’re out to desconstruct rock, but when we started the band, we had an agreement that we wouldn’t play anything that sounded like something we’d heard before.” – MATT SWEENEY (speaking to Billboard in 1996)

“For me, Chavez was this perfect creative beast. We had all these annoyingly strong ideas about what we wanted to do, and we did them. We did them exactly.” – CLAY TARVER (speaking to The New York Times Magazine in 2011)

During Chavez’s time in the mid-90s, they released two legendary albums, played a ton of shows and developed a small but rabid fanbase. While they never really broke up, a Chavez show these days is a rare and magical occurrence.

Matador will be reissuing Ride The Fader and Gone Glimmering in vinyl form on January 20th, 2015 after being out of print since 2003.

Chavez are James Lo (drums), Clay Tarver (guitar, vocals), Matt Sweeney (vocals, guitar), Scott Masciarelli (bass)



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