“Change My Mind” by Stone Cold Fox

"Change My Mind" by Stone Cold Fox is northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Tunnel Vision, is the forthcoming EP from Stone Cold Fox. “A collection of journeys made up of distorted dance synths that bleed with a rock-heavy heart. Written, recorded and produced over a period of two years. “Tracks started as total rock songs, then turned into chilled electro songs, eventually finding its way somewhere comfortably in the middle,” explains guitarist and vocalist Kevin. “They find middle ground with a rock core and a dancey pulse,” he adds.

The second single from Tunnel Vision, “Change My Mind”, best reflects the journey of the EP. “No nothing’s gonna change my mind / No nothing’s gonna pass me by / Alone, I lift my feet off the ground”, we hear sung over steady synth hits, reminding us that no matter what happens in between. “It ties all the themes of the EP together,” explains Kevin of the track. “Ultimately, it’s about staying on course no matter what.”