Chains of Love – Strange Grey Days


Artist: Chains of Love
Title: Strange Grey Days
Label: Dine Alone Records
Rating: 5.3

Female fronted Vancouver band Chains of Love are to release the seven track EP Strange Grey Days on the 13th March. The retro pop act sound like a throwback ‘60s girl group who have been accompanied by an indie backing band.Chains of Love are made up of Felix Fung on guitar, Brian Nicol on bass/guitar, Henry Beckwith on keys, drummer Steve Ferreira and vocalists Nathalia Pizzaro and Rebecca Marie Law Gray.

“He’s Leaving (With Me)” is a catchy, punchy opener and sets the really retro, hazy feel for the EP. Tambourine shakes in this song add another retro almost twee twist and add the feel to a few other tracks on the EP too. Jangly guitars combine with piano in “All the Time” the lyrics are almost indecipherable under the noise which is a shame. The song ends with a recording of a male voice saying “cut”.

“I’d Rather Be Crying” is one of the better sounds like a classic ‘60’s tune full of wistful female longings. “Lies Lies Lies” continues the bitter sweet feelings, one of the girls sings “ooh I don’t know why I’m drinking too; ah I don’t know why I went away”. The track which follows is entitled “Mistake Lover” another tell-tale title with negative lyrics to match; “I don’t know where else to go” Pizzaro sings forlornly.

“Lately” involves keys for an instrumental interlude with psychedelic leanings – the most unique stuff on the EP. Closing track “Strange Grey Days” starts slower and more indie influenced before changing into more vintage retro sounds and female vocals again. The songs are good if you like the nostalgic sound of the ’60’s but they aren’t groundbreaking tracks. It’s all a bit obvious and same-y and the songs blend into one another. Saying that though, there aren’t many current bands taking on this style right now and this could work in their favor.

Chains of Love are currently supporting Said the Whale on their North American tour.

Reviewed by Heather Welsh.

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