“CH III: The Come Up” STORRY

STORRY, CH III: The Come Up, set for release on February 20. The project launches with her stunning self-directed video for single, A Lost Find.

A Lost Find was self-directed, edited and produced by STORRY and creative partner, Tom Baum. STORRY recorded the demo for the song in her basement in one take, zero edits. Because they loved the track so much, they decided to film the visual with zero budget on a whim. On the process, STORRY shares, “I believe as creators, the art doesn’t always come from us, but sometimes it is channeled through us from a higher source. I was in the townships at Tom’s house. He was sitting in front of his piano and he started playing what would now be the intro to A Lost Find. I pressed record on the voice memo on my phone and closed my eyes, making up lyrics and melodies on the spot. By the end of the 5 minutes, where you hear the long-belted note at the end of the song, I was in tears. It had been an emotional ride/journey. Tom and I looked at each other and basically concluded that we had a 90% completed song on our hands. We excitedly and nervously checked that the phone had still been recording. We listened to the voice memo and had to learn the song we had just created in order to replicate it for the final recording you hear now. It was a magical moment.”

“We picked up a camera and went out into the fields where Tom lives and started shooting a video for it. Lucky for us, a few days after the initial shooting in the sunlight, we would have a huge rainstorm. I remember watching the rain cloud coming. I counted out to Tom when the rain would arrive 5-4-3-2 before I could get to one, I became drenched in a matter of seconds. Tom could barely hold the camera straight from all the wind, and was also trying to hold the umbrella over the camera at the same time as shooting. This was the springboard for me getting into film. I realized that if I put my mind to something, I could get it done.”

CH III: The Come Up is based on STORRY’s life. It is about a woman trying to leave the sex-industry and get into the music industry, only to discover that both are equally misogynistic and problematic. She grapples with her relationships with her mother/family, romantic relationships, with her careers, dreams and with money.


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