CFCF shares first single from forthcoming LP

CFCF shares first single "The Ruined Map" from his forthcoming release 'Radiance and Submission,'

CFCF has shared the first single “The Ruined Map” from his forthcoming albumRadiance and Submission. The LP by Montreal’s CFCF, is described as a loving transmission from the in-between, a soundtrack of non-time, non-being, non-death. Featuring art by Matsuda Matsuo.

Adding acoustic guitar to his trademark warm synths and masterful electronic production, CFCF’s Michael Silver has made an album that plays like a dreamtime paean to ECM and Windham Hill’s catalogs of meditative folk explorations.

Radiance and Submission
(Driftless Recordings)
July 31, 2015

1. In Praise of Shadows
2. Sculptures of Sand
3. A Various Language (From The Same Hill)
4. Tethered In Dark
5. The Ruined Map
6. Blanketed In Snow A Place Returned
7. La Soufrière
8. Two Mirrors

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