Ceschi streams new album Sad, Fat Luck

Ceschi streams new album Sad, Fat Luck. The full-length is now available to stream ahead of it's release on April 4th via Fake Four
Ceschi 'Sad, Fat Luck'

Rapper/singer Ceschi Ramos and producer Factor Chandelier have condensed three years of heavy touring, profound loss, to create thirteen new thought-provoking and poignant tracks for his new album Sad, Fat Luck, now available to stream on Northern Transmissions. The full-length comes out on April 4th via Fake Four. Ceschi will be touring behind the album, starting April 5th in New Haven, CT.

Ceschi Ramos on Sad, Fat Luck:

“It doesn’t feel strange to me to do an experimental folk song next to a choppy hip-hop track. It’s hard to explain all of that to a normal person on a plane. I usually just tell them that I sound like Ed Sheeran & nod. But if you’re reading this, you understand now.

These records are the culmination of it all. This is the work that has come out of those decades of experimentation & pain & growth & obsessive listening. If “Sad, Fat Luck” is “Nevermind,” then “Sans Soleil” will be “Incesticide.” And “Bring us the Head of Francisco False” will be the final tip of the hat. If “Sad, Fat Luck” is “Sublime,” then “Sans Soleil is “Robbin the Hood” – (come at me bruh..) Blue album/Pinkerton. Kid A/Amnesiac. Blonde/Endless. Gloss and grime together to paint the full picture.

This is my fat fucking brightness coming out. The culmination of 10 years of working with one of my best friends, Factor Chandelier. One of the most wonderful people I know – with the most amazing wife Alison and little baby Camper. This is 37 years of vomit reflecting the excess of this bizarre life. The feeling of losing love and finding it so many places around the world. A long-form 2-part eulogy to my dead friends and family. A long-form love note for the underground hip hop community that is now almost extinct and a thank you to the many teachers I’ve met along the road. A kiss on the cheeks for the cultures that made me who I am. An unapologetic Fuck You to anybody who blocks my path. To the Underground: you know who you are. We came up a certain way. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause for being where we are, if we are still here. To everyone: the individualized bullshit, the drugs, the egos have fogged our community. Wouldn’t it be glorious to be fully present & progress our art; not just stay stagnant making the same albums over and over again for chump change? Let’s attempt to reunite. To apologize. To forgive. Fuck the temporary. Fuck millennial throwaway art. This is now. I’ll die for this shit. Thank you all for inspiring. Thank you for listening.”

Live Dates

4/5 New Haven @ State House (w/Four Fists, Sammus & SeeAllHues)

4/6 Brooklyn @ Elsewhere Space Zone One (w/Sammus, Nostrum Grocers & Dylan Owen)

4/13 Minneapolis @ Mortimers (w/Dark Time Sunshine, Armand Hammer & Dylan Owen)

4/14 Chicago @ Subterranean (w/Dark Time Sunshine, Armand Hammer & Dylan Owen)

4/18 Los Angeles @ Catch One (w/Awol One, Little Wings, 2Mex & E-turn)

4/19 SF @ Bottom of the Hill (w/ Mestizo & the Heavy Twelves, Billy Woods & E-turn)

4/21 Berkeley CA @ Amoeba Instore

4/22 Portland OR @ Bithouse Saloon (w/Dark Time Sunshine, Televangel, True Deceiver, Heron & Ruune)

4/23 Olympia @ Rhythm & Rye (w/Dark Time Sunshine, Televangel & Heron)

4/26 Seattle @ Hi Dive (w/Dark Time Sunshine, Televangel & Heron)

5/1 Dallas @ Ruins (w/Sammus, Armand Hammer & Chris Conde)

5/2 Austin TX @ Barracuda (w/Sammus, Armand Hammer & Chris Conde)

5/4 CO Springs @ Black Sheep (w/Zeta, Common Grackle, Cheap Perfume, Saustro & Spoken Nerd)

5/9 Pittsburgh @ Spirit Lodge (w/Andy the Doorbum, Zeta & more)

5/11 Charlotte @ Milestone (w/Andy the Doorbum, Zeta & more)

5/13 Charlotte @ Knockturnal (w/Andy the Doorbum, Zeta & more)

5/14 Chapel Hill @ Local 506 (w/Andy the Doorbum, Zeta & more)

5/15 Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie

5/16 Boston @ Middle East Upstairs (w/Sole, Pink Navel, Esh & Safari Al)

5/17 Portland ME @ Space Gallery (w/Sole, Brzowski, Pink Navel & Safari Al