Cate Le Bon Announces New Album On Wichita

Cate Le Bon announces new album on Wichita Recordings, debuts "I Think I Knew" feat. Perfume Genius.

Cate Le Bon returns this Autumn with Mug Museum, which will be released November 12th on Wichita Recordings in North America and November 11th on The Elite Meat Supply (Turnstile) in the rest of the world.

Having finished live commitments for CYRK towards the end of 2012, Le Bon returned to Wales to write the songs that would become Mug Museum.The album is informed by a period of taking stock after a bereavement. “Following the death of my maternal Grandmother I felt a very palpable shift in the roles that we’d all become accustomed to within the female line of the family which, for the first time, had me mulling over the importance of my place and purpose within this female chain” says Le Bon “The album’s theme emerged from and circulates around these maternal familial relationships and this period of a calm, lengthy, intent consideration in turn drew other relationships into the Mug Museum”.

With Le Bon subsequently relocating to California, Mug Museum was recorded at the recently opened Seahorse Sound studios, Los Angeles. Produced by Noah Georgeson (who is perhaps best known for his work with Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart) and Josiah Steinbrick, Mug Museum is an album that lets in the sunlight and space and relocates the West Wales lilt in Le Bon’s voice to an equally apposite West Coast setting. In the studio Le Bon assembled a band of friends from both continents such as multi-instrumentalists Sweet Baboo and H. Hawkline and Nick Murray from White Fence.

As well as describing the personnel involved in Mug Museum, ‘Welsh – Californian’ is a phrase that captures the album’s sound: melodic, confident and wrapped in a hazy psychedelic gauze.”I wrote the majority of the record in the home country but a few songs were finished out here in the run up to recording” says Le Bon “I’m sure Los Angeles has bled into the recordings somehow but exactly how I do not know”.

Museum Tracklisting

1. I Can’t Help You

2. Are You With Me Now?

3. Duke

4. No God

5. I Think I Knew

6. Wild

7. Sisters

8. Mirror Me

9. Cuckoo Through The Walls

10. Mug Museum



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