Casper Skulls Cover “Où va la chance” by (Francois Hardy Cover)

“Où va la chance” by Casper Skulls (Francois Hardy Cover). The track is out today via various streaming services
“Où va la chance” by Casper Skulls (Francois Hardy Cover)

Casper Skulls have released a wonderful cover of Françoise Hardy’s classic “Où va la chance.” A great take on the song from one of our favourite Toronto bands.

Casper Skulls vocalist Melanie St-Pierre on “Où va la chance:”

“One of my first languages was French and although I’m not as fluent as I used to be, I wanted to cover this one because it’s one of my favourite songs. Phil Ochs’ English version “There but for Fortune” has always struck me, especially the Joan Baez version and when I discovered Françoise had a French cover I listened to it over and over again. When I was young my mémère used to sing a French song to me called “Melanie” by Mélanie-Chantal Pary & André Sylvain. I specifically remember the lyrics going “Mélanie on n’a besoin de toi” which translates to something like “Melanie we need you.” Now as an adult I realize how sweet that was. This song is now dedicated to her.”

Casper Skulls

Melanie St-Pierre – Vocals
Neil Bednis – Electric and acoustic guitar
Fraser McClean – Bass, baritone guitar
Aurora Bangarth – Drums, vibraphone

Production credits:

Engineers: Alex Bonenfant (Dream House), Dave Plowman (The Nook)
Mixing: Aaron Goldstein (Baldwin Street Sound)
Mastering: Andy Magoffin (House of Miracles)