Casey Hopkins debuts single “Fashion Queen”

Singer/guitarist Casey Hopkins debuts new single "Fashion Queen".

Singer/guitarist Casey Hopkins is seeking to prove that guitar-based rock n’ roll is not dead. His music is influenced by The Cramps, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T Rex, Chuck Berry, and Funkadelic. Since moving to New York in 2014, Casey has been gigging regularly and released his first EP in 2016. Casey is presently working on his debut full-length.

His latest single “Fahion Queen” addresses the more superficial aspects of the music industry. The track is both punk and blues by design, embodying the genetics of Hopkins’ musical journey and his desire to stay true to his origin. Casey’s signature guitar tone is distorted and loud while his playing is virtuosic yet wildly out of control.

“I’ll never be a fashion queen, it could never make my dreams come true. I’ll never be a fashion queen, but you know I’ll be a king of the strings.” The chorus calls to mind filthy grunge rock and some of the more political tracks of The Ramones discography. The lyrics specifically target the intermingling of the New York music scene and fashion industry, and the way this effects the integrity of artistic expression. In Hopkin’s own words, “I grew up a blues guitar prodigy in hand-me downs and band shirts, so aesthetic was never my number one priority. It’s sort of a rejection of that culture and a personal call for people to focus more on the quality of the art they are making.”


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