“Car Crash In G Major” By Fanclubwallet

"Car Crash In G Major" by Fanclubwallet is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the artist's EP Hurt Is Boring
"Car Crash In G Major" by Fanclubwallet

Fanclubwallet AKA: Hannah Judge, released their debut EP, Hurt Is Boring. Last year, the artist suffered a Crohn’s disease flare-up which left her bedridden in her childhood home for 10 months. To combat boredom, Judge used the opportunity to create her debut EP. Writen between hospital visits by Judge and her producer/gradeschool best friend, Michael Watson, Hurt is Boring perfectly captures the innate balance of our stunted reality by tackling big feelings through the lens of emotional distance. “It’s about taking the good with the bad,” Judge, whose illness is now in remission, explains. “You can’t really appreciate one without the other.”

Named in honor of a Dennis the Menace wallet that belonged to her father, fanclubwallet began as a catch-all for Judge’s lo-fi musical musings, created using children’s keyboards in an effort to directly conjure her intended sound in as uncomplicated a manner as possible.

In early 2020, a well-received cover of The Talking Head’s “This Must Be the Place” gave Judge the confidence to release a steady stream of singles. With each successive track, fanclubwallet carefully carved out a dedicated following (including super agent Tom Windish, who asked to manage the up and coming act).

Hurt Is Boring

1. Car Crash In G Major
2. C’mon Be Cool
3. Flew Away
4. What’s Up?
5. Hurt Is Boring

Order or stream Hurt Is Boring by Fanclubwallet HERE.


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