“Call Your Love” by Nataly Dawn

Nataly Dawn—also known as one half of the duo Pomplamoose, is set to release her sophomore solo album, Haze, on October 29. Her new video for the track “Call your love,” featuring dancer/choreographer Soul Nubian. Dawn will also play select tour dates in celebration of the album’s release.

Produced by Dawn and mixed by Beau Sorrenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould, Superchunk) Haze was recorded in the Northern California home studio she shares with longtime partner (now husband) and other half of Pomplamoose, Jack Conte. The LP contrasts barebones guitar-vocal tracks with synth ballads, all featuring Dawn’s trademark melodies and gritty lyrics where she picks apart her evangelical upbringing and other relationships-gone-bad.

“I called the album Haze because that was my general state when I was writing these songs,” she says, “It’s that feeling of ‘walking around in a haze.’ The uncertainty that comes when a chapter of your life ends abruptly, and you’re not quite sure what’s happened. It also relates to the idea of being hazed: put through some strange and often cruel rite of passage.” She compares the process of writing the record to “doing an autopsy,” saying, “It’s a pretty gruesome process, but it’s the only way to know what happened…what is happening. It’s really no fun at all finding out what’s underneath! But it’s the only way to move ahead. So you dig and you pry and you try to get to the bottom of it, with the hope that maybe someday it will help somebody else figure out their shit too.” The album marks a return to Dawn’s home-studio roots following her 2013 solo debut How I Knew Her.

The daughter of missionaries, Dawn spent much of her childhood in Europe where she attended Lyçées Français in France and Belgium before returning to the U.S. to study art and French literature at Stanford University. It was there that she met Conte and formed Pomplamoose. In 2010 the band released its first compilation of original songs with lyrics by Dawn titled Pomplamoose VideoSongs, as well as an album of covers aptly named Tribute to Famous People. That same year, the duo released The Holiday EP as an incentive for a charity book drive, raising more than $130,000 in books for the Richmond, CA school system.

1. I Could Lose
2. Haze
3. Orchid
4. The Audience
5. For The Record
6. Maybe If
7. Old Friend
8. Call Your Love
9. Waiting Room
10. Amen

October 12—Detroit, MI—Larimer Lounge
November 10—Los Angeles, CA—The Hotel Café
November 15—San Francisco, CA—The Chapel
November 18—Portland, OR—The Old Church
November 19—Seattle, WA—Barboza