Button: Pusher Releases New Double LP

Button: Pusher Releases Double LP

Musician and Producer Kiran Shahani (Button:Pusher) has had a multitude of success as the producer and founding member of his two previous bands The Supreme Beings of Leisure and Bitter:Sweet. Shahani has provided the soundtrack for numerous films, including, The Devil Wears Prada, Liptstick Jungle, Duplicity, Killers, and many more. He has also been able to experience working with artists such as Marilyn Manson, Nat King Cole, and Wayne Newton. Kiran (Button:Pusher) is in the process of creating a self-titled album in which he has collaborated with several different female artists from around the world, which will include talent such as Scottish chanteuse Angela McCluskey, British darling Kelli Ali, American virtuoso Emily Wells, Lex Land featured on the Voice, Belleruche singer Kathrine deboer, and Amazon sweetheart Annie Little.

As he continues to create a slew of intriguing beats, which compliment the velvet and erotic voices of most of his singers, Button Pusher shows the world what one of the best producers in the down tempo genre should be. With vibrations such as his own, it’s not hard for Kiran Shahani to rendezvous such an impressive cast of renowned vocalists from all over the world. From sexy and dark lounge like formations, to up beat and zesty booty shakers, he puts his unique, mysterious stamp on every piece of work he accumulates.

Button:Pusher is Electro-Lounge Super Group Created by Kiran Shahani of Bitter:Sweet and Supreme Beings of Leisure. – Feat. Angela McCluskey (Telepopmusik), Kelli Ali (ex.- Sneaker Pimps),Kathrine DeoBoer (Belleruche), Lex Land, Emily wells, Annie Little, and Lou Lou from Thievery Corp.

‘Never Look Back / Cross My Heart’ LP Tracklisting

01. Demon Child feat. Chloe Behrens
02. I’ll Take You Back feat. Kathrin deBoer
03. Never Look Back feat. Angela McCluskey
04. Sailing to the Moon feat. Chloe Behrens
05. The Epic feat. Lou Lou (Vandal Squad Remix)
06. Smoking Gun feat. Annie Little
07. Nobody’s Fool feat. Kellie Ali
08. Beggars feat. Emily Wells
09. Bad Luck Daddy feat. Kellie Ali
10. You Have a Way With Me feat. Annie Little
11. A Tight Rope (Pt 1) feat. Lex Land
12. Caberet Noir feat. Kelli Ali
13. Frankenstein feat. Emily Wells
14. Fool For Your Love feat. Angela McCluskey
15. The Darkness feat. Kathrin deBoer
16. High Demand feat. Lex Land
17. The Epic feat. LouLou
18. Cross My Heart feat. Angela McCluskey
19. A Tight Rope (Pt 2) feat. Lex Land


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