Broken Records release new album ‘Weights & Pulleys’ out May 19th

Broken Records release third new album weights and pulleys out on may 19th on J Sharp records, track includes Winterless Son
Broken Records

Following on from their second album Let Me Come Home, May 19th marks the return of Broken Records with the release of their third album ‘Weights & Pulleys’.

Recorded at their home base in Edinburgh, with the support of the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, they are set to release the album through their own newly created label, J Sharp Records.

Produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Delgados, Belle & Sebastian) the album follows on from their recent EP as a visceral, cathartic body of work that revisits the masterful orchestration of the first album while combining the intense, relentlessly aggressive and turbulent sound of the last.

The album opens with the fragile ‘Ditty (We Weren’t Ready)’ that leads into the riveting and colossal ‘Winterless Son’. The intricate piano led ‘Toska’, uncovers dark places within relationships. ‘So Long, So Late’, ‘Let’s Call It A Betrayal’ and ‘Leave You In The Dark’ flaunt driving guitar work, and the fluid rhythm section weaves between the raw but compelling vocals of Jamie Sutherland. The rolling rhythm of ‘You’ll Be Lonely (In A Little While)’ and uplifting brass of ‘Nothing Doubtful’ move away from the tempestuous songs preceding them.

Broken Records are Jamie Sutherland (vocals, guitar), Rory Sutherland (violin), Ian Turnbull (guitar), Dave Smith (piano, trumpet), Craig Ross (bass) and Andrew Keeney (drums).

Live Dates

5th June, goNorth Festival, Inverness

2nd August, Queens Hall, Edinburgh

4th September, Lexington, London 

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