“Breathe Slow” by Invincible Youth

Invincible Youth - Breathe Slow
Invincible Youth - Breathe Slow

Invincible Youth announce new single ‘Breathe Slow from their recently released EP ‘From the Light’.

Having recently set up in the blistering heat of Summer 2016, Invincible Youth [Sam Butterworth and Callum Real] are a group whose fresh faces give away little about their musical prowess. With experiences and histories that span Punk, Hip-Hop and even Classical, their partnership is one born from sweeping taste and a deep appreciation of the art of music itself.

Slick, contemporary, yet full of boundless creative energy, Invincible Youth are a sonic set whose otherworldly tracks would make a perfect addition to the most beautiful advertising campaigns. But if sky-high production values and a knack for effortlessly alternative vibes don’t perk up your eyebrows and ears, then their penchant for diverse, electronic-tinged pop undoubtedly will.

A fan of utilizing the gifts of guest vocalists and Hip Hop talent, the eclectic duo understand that the best music often requires the use of varied abilities and sources. Their fully recorded and mastered EP, available now, is 5 tracks of rock-solid evidence for this.

With fists full of ambition and kilos of je ne sais quoi, this talented pairing are hoping that their contribution to 2016’s musical landscape proves to be as fresh and as unstoppable as their moniker.


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