branches breeze debut “New Horizons”

branches breeze debut "New Horizons"

branches breeze is based on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. They see music as living paintings. Theirs is set on a canvas of Art Rock with colorings of Dream Pop, shades of Post Rock, contours of Shoegaze and layers of Psych Rock. They have been working on wide range of songs from intimate acoustic dreamers to big atmospheric cruisers, from ambient introspective thinkers to vibey anthems. Today, they are debuting their new single “New Horizons”.

Quotes from the band:

“Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada-based band, branches breeze, just formed last year, but the quality of the singles they have released seem far beyond a freshmen approach. ”

“Our goal is to create a running journal of music.
Our recordings are snapshots of the ongoing songs that flow through our lives.”

We were already good friends and had been doing a lot of writing on our own. Whenever we would hang out and jam we had a natural way of playing off of each other. With lots of ideas flowing for songs we decided to form branches breeze in 2016.

The band is currently building a catalogue of music to go out live with and are looking forward to it.


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