Brainstory stream self-tittled EP

Brainstory stream self-tittled EP,

Brainstory is a power trio hailing from the Inland Empire which pairs jazz, psychedelia, and soul to create a unique sound that is a vehicle for musical and spiritual expansion. The band consists of Martin brothers Kevin (guitar, vocals) and Tony (bass,vocals) with Eric Hagstrom on drums. All three were musically spawned from their fathers: Tony and Kevin grew up listening to their father sing the gospel every sunday while Eric was raised on his own dad’s massively epic album collection. The three met and played locally as a jazz trio for years until 2014, the year they electrified and became Brainstory. It wasn’t long before their original works caught on with audiences beyond their beloved I.E. and broke fresh new ground in the Los Angeles area. The group found that audiences loved the fresh sound and intuitive improvisational aspects of their recordings and high energy live shows. With their newest self-titled “mini-album” produced by Chicano Batman’s Eduardo Arenas, they forge a new path towards even more progressive and soulful sounds. The record is nuanced with accents of stylings from Shuggie Otis, The Beach Boys, and Herbie Hancock. When they aren’t playing under their own name, they all stay busy collaborating and performing with the likes of members of Chicano Batman, Rudy De Anda, Kimbra and others the LA music scene. As a band they’ve shared the stage with Chicano Batman, Helado Negro, the Mild High Club, La Luz, Sheila E. and many others.

1. Fruitless Trees
2. Dreams
3. Moth Love
4. Water
5. Evil Cowboy