Braids LP ‘Flourish Perish’ Out August 20

Braids Sophomore LP Flourish // Perish Out August 20th On Arbutus (US) / Full Time Hobby (UK) / Flemish Eye (CAN)

After having released their debut Native Speaker  in 2011, and hot off the heels of their 12″ single In Kind // Amends, BRAIDS have returned with their new LP Flourish // Perish out August 20th on Arbutus Records.

After 18 months of touring in support of Native Speaker, along with the departure of a band member, the group secluded themselves in their Montreal studio for a year of writing and recording.  While Native Speaker was written in an organic and live environment, the group sought to explore a more introspective and electronic approach to songwriting.

Flourish // Perish Tracklisting

1. Victoria
2. Fruend
3. December
4. Hossak
5. Girl
6. Together
7. Ebben
8. Amends
9. Juniper
10. In Kind

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