Boys Noize ft: Huson Mohawke and Spank Rock

Boys Noize releases new track featuring Huson Mohawke and Spank Rock,

BOYS NOIZE is back with MAYDAY, his new album is fused with raw techno and an electrifying dose of classic rave and industrial, MAYDAY transports the innocence of a bygone era into the here-and-now without sounding anachronistic or nostalgic. Collaborations with Poliça, Hudson Mohawke, Benga, Remy Banks, Spank Rock, and some special secret guests broaden the range still further (check the liner notes), while maintaining the classic rugged-n-raw BOYS NOIZE style. “MAYDAY is me taking the music I love to the future, no matter how uncertain the future seems,” Alex explains.

For years, techno dogmatists stuck their nose up at his connections to the indie, punk and hip hop scenes. At the same time, he wasn’t mainstream enough for the industry dog-and-pony show. He was, in other words, caught between the worlds. But with a maverick bent and solid vision, channeling a myriad of influences from the past, he pioneered a new sound alongside fellow artists such as Justice and created something fresh, new and exciting. He anticipated a development that today seems self-evident. “This openness has always been important to me,” Ridha explains. “I definitely wouldn’t describe my sound as straight techno. Actually, that’s part of MAYDAY´s point: to show that there’s a world between the worlds.”

The album title MAYDAY refers, appropriately, to the international distress signal. “MAYDAY is my warning signal against blind categorization and conformist synchronization,” says Ridha. “A call for individuality and diversity – and a tribute to outsiders.”

BOYS NOIZE has remixed Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, David Lynch and Nine Inch Nails, collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Erol Alkan, and Jarvis Cocker, worked on Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Special” and the soundtrack for Oliver Stone’s forthcoming film “Snowden”, and founded similarly diverse group projects with gifted pianist Chilly Gonzales (Octave Minds), Erol Alkan, Skrillex (Dog Blood), and Mr. Oizo (Handbraekes).

BOYS NOIZE will premiere his new show at Sonar, Barcelona, on June 18. Boys Noize conceived the spectacle together with visual artists SUS BOY and LIL INTERNET, exploring a thematic narrative inspired by cyberpunk, 80’s industrial and surveillance in contemporary society.

“It’s cyclical, but I think we are in one of those times where things feel like they are on the edge- economies, technologies, societies… “Mayday” refers to both a day of protest and a distress signal. I think this kind of energy runs through the whole album and it’s creative materials- it’s what I like to describe as “positive energy,” but the positive energy of a molotov cocktail exploding.” – Lil Internet

“Working on the song “Starchild” with Boys Noize and the video with Lil Internet were both two of the most inspiring and interesting things I’ve done so far. I am honored to be able to have spent time in both of their worlds and work under their minds for these collaborations.” – Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

“Alex and I have been homies for couple of years now. We’ve worked on few joints together in previous session but this particular one felt like magic. From the moment walked in the studio, I knew something dope was going to be made. We smoked a joint or two, started messing around with sounds, I started freestylin’ things to create a lyrical rhythm to go along with the loop Alex made and there you have it.” – Remy Banks

BOYS NOIZE live and DJ sets:

05.25 – Paris, FR @ Le Gaite Lyrique
05.30 – Detroit, MI @ Movement Festival
06.03 – Offenbach, DE @ Robert Johnson
06.04 – Luxembourg, LUX @ Lenox Club
06.17 – Eindhoven, NL @ We Are Electric
06.18 – Barcelona, ES @ SONAR (LIVE)
06.22 – Ibiza, ES @ Pacha
06.24 – Paris, FR @ Solidays (LIVE)
06.25 – Scheessel, DE @ Hurricane (LIVE)
06.26 – Neuhausen Ob Eck, DE @ Southside (LIVE)
07.01 – Arras, FR @ Main Square Festival (LIVE)
07.02 – Marmande, FR @ Garorock (LIVE)
07.09 – Lisbon, PT @ Alive Festival
07.10 – Aix Les Bains, FR @ Festival Musilac (LIVE)
07.14 – Bern, CH @ Gurten Festival (LIVE)
07.15 – Graefenhainichen, DE @ Melt! Festival (LIVE)
07.16 – Ostrava, CZE @ Colors of Ostrava (LIVE)
07.17 – Dour, BE @ Dour Festival (LIVE)
07.19 – Nyon, CH @ Paleo Festival (LIVE
07.21 – Ibiza, ES @ Amnesia
07.23 – Regensburg, DE @ Zuckerbrot & Peitsche
07.29 – Montreal, CAN @ Osheaga Festival(LIVE)
07.30 – New York, NY @ Studio E (LIVE) with Health, Poliça and Venus X
07.31 – Fontana, CA @ HARD Festival
08.05 – Salmo, CAN @ Shambhala Music Festival
08.12 – Budapest, HUN @ Sziget
08.17 – Vienna, AUT @ Frequency
08.20 – Inverness, UK @ Groove Loch Ness
08.25 – Zurich, CH @ Zurich Open Air (LIVE)
08.26 – Dublin, IRL @ Opium Room
08.27 – London, UK @ SW4 (LIVE)
08.28 – Haarlemmermeer, NL @ Mysteryland
10.28 – Live Oak, FL @ Suwanee Hullaween

Boys Noize – Mayday – track listing:
01. Overthrow
02. Mayday
03. Dynamite (feat. Benga)
04. Rock The Bells
05. Euphoria (feat. Remy Banks)
06. 2 Live
07. Would You Listen
08. Midnight
09. Starchild (feat. Poliça)
10. Midnight
11. Los Niños
12. Hardkotzen
13. Birthday (feat. Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock)