Boy Pablo Debuts Video For “Honey”

Boy Pablo shares "honey" music video, shares debut album artwork + track listing; 'Wachito Rico' out October 23rd, via 777 Music
Boy Pablo "honey" music video

Nicolas Muñoz AKA: Boy Pablo has released a new video for his latest single “honey”. The song is off His debut album Wachito Rico , which is due for release on October 23, via 777 Music. The full-length Takes it’s title from a Chilean expression that translates to fondness for a “handsome boy.”

Boy Pablo on “honey”:

“I started writing Honey last year when I was just messing around on my guitar. The hook came to me first and I made a demo based off of that. The track is about how a relationship moves between the bad and the good times, but even through the bad times the mutual love you’ve built and the fascination you have for each other never fades away, and you choose to stick together through it all. I want to say thank you to Esteban Munoz and Erik Thorsheim who helped me both write and produce this track.”

The artistic project of the 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist first came to widespread attention with the video for his viral 2017 single, “Everytime”, an offbeat, lo-fi video that shone like a hidden diamond in the rough of the internet, featuring Boy Pablo and his band of close-knit friends playing on the shores of their hometown. Following up with his 2018 breakout EP, Soy Pablo, a charming seven-track collection of dazzling, nostalgic bedroom-pop anthems, Boy Pablo established himself as more than an internet poster child.

“Hey girl”, the first track previewed from Wachito Rico, introduces audiences to the character and his love life, bringing Pablo’s artistic vision into sharper focus than ever, with its filtered guitar chords, backdrop of hand drums and Muñoz’s warm, deep vocals. Bolstered by the jazz-inflected b-side, ‘I just wanna go home’, the double release reintroduces Boy Pablo as having grown up and into his sound. Featuring vocals from Muñoz’s high classmate, Andrea, ‘I just wanna go home’ also speaks to the increasing importance of collaboration in his creative process, opening the Boy Pablo project up from its solo origins.

Of the double single, Boy Pablo shares that both tracks “were made during a time I wrote a lot of music for a song project with a friend of mine, Judah Kubendran. I rearranged the tracks and rewrote the lyrics and melodies, and quickly realized that they were too good not to be released.

Boy Pablo
Wachito Rico
777 Music

1. hope she loves me back
2. hey girl
3. leave me alone!
4. honey
5. rest up
6. te vas // don’t go
7. aleluya
8. come home
9. mustache
10. vamos a la playa
11. wachito rico
12. nowadays
13. i <3 u

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