Boxed in shares “Jist” from upcoming release

BOXED IN To Release new full-length 'Melt' on September 23rd via Nettwerk Records.

Oli Bayston – the singer, songwriter, producer and front-man of Boxed In – “Jist” is a slice of electronic pop, keeping one foot firmly in Bayston’s background – intricate piano lines, taut rhythms – but also digging deeper into the dance music influences tightly compacted within Boxed In. The track was produced between Bayston and Dan Carey, and is about, says Bayston, “Getting lost in repetitive thought patterns & the form of the music which emulates that mindset. It’s perversely enjoyable to work yourself in to a cyclical mantra from which there’s no escape.”

Not content with following the band’s debut so quickly, Bayston continues to expand his reputation as one of the country’s most in-demand emerging producers (he’s currently recording the debut album from Nimmo, and working with Zola Blood among numerous other endeavors). “It’s all about balancing the two roles,” says Bayston, who perhaps – both in multi-tasking, and his nuanced knowledge of dance culture – offers a closest UK answer to James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. “I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can be producer and singer. The two inform each other – I get to see from both sides of the lens.”

Track-listing for Melt:

1. Intro
2. Jist
3. Shadow Boxing
4. Melt
5. London Lights
6. Forget
7. Black Prism
8. Oxbow
9. Up to You / Down To Me
10. Underbelly
11. Open-Ended