Boom Bip


Northern Transmissions:Congratulations on the new record. What was the inspiration behind Zig Zaj?

Boom Bip : Thank you. Inspirations are hard to identify. I get inspired by moments, gear, tones, people, drugs, etc. It all gets processed inside me and creates a drive to make music. I had a loose theme with this album that involved a hint of magic from the turn of the 19th century. This is where a few of the album titles come from and the themes for the lyrics on the album.

Northern Transmissions: You have collaborated with so many artists, who have been some of your favorites to work with?

Boom Bip : It wouldn’t be fair to name just one or two that were my favorites. I’ve had great experiences with many of them and all have turned into rather solid friendships. You would never want to tell your friends which one’s are your favorite and which one’s aren’t.

Northern Transmissions: Is their anyone you really want to work with, that you haven’t had the chance yet?

Boom Bip : I used to dream big when it came to collaborating, but now I just keep it within the realm of close friends and acquaintances. There are many people out there that I’d love to see work in the studio and be there to assist but I don’t really have one that stands out at the moment.

Northern Transmissions: What was it like playing at the Pompidou Center

Boom Bip : The Pompidou Center is a legendary building. However, I remember the air conditioning being insanely cold and the crowd was all seated. It was a bit more sterile then I like a show to be but I felt honored to be there. The people who attended were lovely though and made me want to live in Paris.

Northern Transmissions: is it a real buzz playing in front of so many people at Glastonbury festival or Coachella?

Boom Bip : Indeed. Its hard to explain. Its a huge ball of emotion that just hits at once. Excitement, fear, amazement, etc. It just all hits at once and suddenly its over. Its quite the rush and one I’d love to repeat as soon as possible.

Northern Transmissions: What was it like working with John Peel on the Circle Sessions? Were you flattered when he compare it to Captain Beefheart?

Boom Bip : Even having John Peel say your name on the radio is a great feeling let alone sitting in a room with him and performing. It was quite nerve racking but and incredible accomplishment for me personally. I feel blessed to be part of his show’s legacy and among the hundreds of bands who can claim that John Peel is responsible for jump starting their career. I believe he was talking about Dose One and I together and not just me as an artist with the Beefheart comment so I can’t take it seriously.

Northern Transmissions: What’s the future of music?

Boom Bip : Same old same old. Kids have energy and music is one of the ways to expend it. It will never end and nor will the entertainment value of it all for the listeners. Its a beautiful cycle. Now the business on the other hand is another story.

– by Charles Brownstein


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