Boats Release New Album on Kill Rock Stars Feb 5

Recorded in the spring/summer of 2012 by Ryan McVeigh at Prairie Recording Studios/UMFM and mixed by David Carswell in Vancouver (Destroyer, New Pornographers), A Fairway Full Of Miners comes as the follow-up to Boats’ 2010 sophomore album,Cannonballs, Cannonballs — But if Cannonballs, Cannonballs was all about giddy exuberance, A Fairway Full Of Miners is about growing up and finding yourself bored. There are still plenty of manic, sloppy-on-purpose junk-store pop tunes that burst with pop-rocks-and-Coke energy (O Telescope), but the new record also sees the band stretch out over more ambitious epics (Animated GIFs) and heartfelt ballads (Advice on Bears). It’s eclectic, but not unfocused; the whole thing is unified by frontman/band leader Mat Klachefsky’s helium-high yelp of a singing voice.

Look for A Fairway Full Of Miners in early February. A three-song cassette tape will be released this December.

Boats is:
Mat Klachefsky – Guitar/Vocals
Ashley Roch – Keyboards/Trumpet
Rory Ellis – Guitar/Other Stuff
Louis Levesque-Cote – Bass
Luke Bergen – Drums


01. The Noodle Mountains
02. Animated Gifs
03. Great Skulls
04. Advice On Bears
05. Sad Legs
06. O Telescope
07. Advice On Bioluminescent Bears
08. We Got Pillow And Blankets
09. We Got Tables and Chairs
10. O Jumbotron
11. Getting Worst.jpeg
12. The Salteen Coast