Bnny Announce New Album Everything

Bnny, have announced their debut LP, Everything, will drop on August 20th via Fire Talk. Along with the news the band have shared “Ambulance”
Bnny announce debut album Everything

Bnny, have announced their debut album, Everything, will drop on August 20th via Fire Talk (Dehd, Deper). Along with the news, the band have shared a new single/video, “Ambulance,” which follows the previously released “Time Walk.” Everything was Written in sessions that span several years by singer Jess Viscius as she processed the death of her partner, the album is described as a chronicle of love at its most complex and loss at its most persistent. Bnny, is led by Viscius, alongside her twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus best friends Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey, and Adam Schubert,

Jess Viscius started Bnny in the moment, after someone’s guitar had been left at her apartment. After teaching herself a few chords, she quickly found songwriting to be therapeutic in ways visual art couldn’t touch. Motivated by encouragement from her sister and former Bnny drummer Drew Ryan, her drive to make music stuck. “I don’t cry often, generally I’m not super emotional,” Viscius says. “But when I sit down to play guitar, I can get in touch with the side of myself that I only know exists when I’m writing.”

While Viscius cites the two-chord simplicity of the Velvet Underground as a major influence on her songwriting, she and her band use that minimalist blueprint to build sturdy songs that crackle with energy. The album was recorded at Chicago’s Jamdek Studios and various bedroom closets with producer Jason Balla of Dehd, and was mixed by Collin Dupuis. Everything is played in shades of blue, Viscius’ voice the color of morning light peeking through the blinds. Are these tunes familiar? Maybe, but so too is the sensation of falling in love and mourning its loss; in both instances, Everything is stamped with the complicated seal of the personal. “I don’t think you have to be a good musician to make good music,” Viscius says. “You just need to follow a feeling and be honest.”

Fire Talk Records

1. Ambulance
2. August
3. Promises
4. Take That Back
5. Time Walk
6. So Wrong
7. Sure
8. Not Even You
9. Blind
10. Dreaming
11. Thaw
12. Little Flower
13. Stardust
14. Voice Memo

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