“Bluebonnet” Landon Lloyd Miller

"Bluebonnet" by Landon Lloyd Miller is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via Twin Mesa
"Bluebonnet" by Landon Lloyd Miller is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Singer/songwriter Landon Lloyd Miller has shared “Bluebonnet,” the track is off his debut full-length Light Shines Through, available March 4, 2022 via the Twin Mesa label. The follow-up to recent teaser track, “Light Is Growing”, a song praised by Americana UK as “an uplifting dose of positivity”, new single “Bluebonnet” finds Landon in an altogether darker and more pensive space.

“You were only lying when you said why you’d never go. That’s alright. Only love lied so I’d never have to know” sings Landon through gritted teeth here. A stark portrait of his father and an uncensored reckoning of his actions, Landon recalls of the intimately personal events behind “Bluebonnet”:

“There was a moment when I was a boy that he swore to me he would never leave us and that he would always love my mother,”. It was only a few years later that his father walked-out on him and his mother for good.

A song that finds an artist unafraid to face his demons and to tackle songwriting subjects others may find taboo, “Bluebonnet” also finds Landon admitting to the depression he has experienced as a traveling musician; opening a dialogue for countless other artists who have undoubtedly experienced similar feelings while out on the road.

From documentary film production to winemaking, Landon has been juggling his lifelong passion for music — including a long run as frontman of his Shreveport-based “space western” band, The Wall Chargers — with an ever-present desire to create and collaborate. He’s a Renaissance man for the modern age, as adept with an acoustic guitar as he is with a movie camera.

“I’ve always been nervous to say something was truly mine, in case someone doesn’t like it,” Landon admits, who pulls triple-duty as the album’s songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and co-producer. “But Light Shines Through isn’t the work of a person who’s hiding behind a band’s moniker. It isn’t fiction. It’s me.”

Years before recording ‘Light Shines Through’ with a rotating cast of collaborators from across the American South, Landon grew up amidst the swamps and fishing villages of northern Louisiana. His father was a minister in a charismatic church, while his mother was a traveling choir director. Gospel music always filled the family’s home, and Landon began making music of his own as a child. By 14 years old, he was playing drums during local church services; by 15, he was playing guitar and writing original songs. He dived into the secular work of folksingers like Bob Dylan during his college years, and the impact was monumental. Before long, Landon had expanded his music collection to include Roger Miller, Conor Oberst, Roy Acuff, and the Louvin Brothers — artists who, he says, “were willing to talk about real life, personal troubles, and grey-area scenarios.”


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