Blood and Glass Premiere Punk Shadows Single

Blood and Glass Premiere 'Punk Shadows' Video

Today we have the pleasure of premiering Blood and Glass’ music video for “Punk Shadows,” the title track off their upcoming album of the same name.

Although the project hasn’t yet been released, Punk Shadows has already travelled across the world. The visuals, created by Brigitte Henry, Natalka Prozsak and Sarah Marcotte-Boislard, were finished while Blood and Glass were on tour in Italy, performing the live version of their new opus: the perfect way to round off a production full of colour and good memories, bringing together a host of talented musicians who are friends in the studio and outside as well: François Lafontaine, Robbie Kuster, Mélanie Bélair, Brad and Andrew Barr, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Érika and Simon Angell – to name a few. The band embarked on this crazy adventure without counting the hours, and gave it so much love. Punk Shadows is out March 24th on Simone Records.