Blanck Mass stream new album ‘World Eater’

Blanck Mass stream new album 'World Eater'

In World Eater, Benjamin John Power has made a reactionary and representative record of a previous year teeming with anger, violence, confusion and frustration. If a beast has been awoken from this then it is wild and untamed, chewing and gnawing at civilization, compassion and progression. “The title is a reference to both the inner beast inside human beings that when grouped en-masse stops us from moving forward towards good,” says Power.

Whilst musically World Eater captures an anger and intensity through a progression of hissing electronics and furious beats, it also too possesses a tender side and amongst the rage lays actual love songs. “Being surrounded by so much hate in the world right now throws a whole new light on the importance of love. I have never set out to make a protest record. I’ve never set out to make any kind of record really, but during the creative process for this and any of my past releases I start to form a bond with the project as we grow together.”

Blanck Mass
Tour Dates:

March 31 – The Hague, Netherlands – Rewire Festival
April 15 – Bruges, BE – More Music Festival
April 21 – Glasgow, UK – CCA
April 22 – Prestatyn, UK – Safe As Milk Festival
April 26 – Brighton, UK – The Haunt (w/ Pharmakon supporting)
April 27 – London, UK – Rich Mix
April 29 – Bristol, UK – The Lantern
May 13, 2017: Brussels, BE @ AB