Blake Rose Releases New Single “Rest Of Us”

Blake Rose Releases New Single "Rest Of Us"
Blake Rose "Rest Of Us"

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Blake Rose has returned today new song/video “Rest Of Us,” “a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t want you to live your dream,” Blake reveals. “A friend of mine wanted to be a musician but his family was not supportive. This took a toll on him and he ended up never pursuing his dream. You hear about stuff like this happening all the time and I think it’s incredibly sad that there are so many people in the world whose art we will never have the chance to discover because some narrow minded folk decided to steer them away from doing what they love. F*ck those people.” Rest Of Us,” is Blake’s first release on AWAL Recordings, and is the follow up to previous single “Gone,”

“Rest Of Us,” Blake’s first release on AWAL Recordings, serves as the follow up to the hit song “Gone,” Complete with string arrangements, the video showcases the young Australian artist, songwriter and producer’s effortless ability to perform live; with his Buckley-esque vocals, luscious electric-guitar-driven melodies, and knack for writing insanely infectious alternative pop songs. “I try to give listeners an experience,” he reveals. “I take a lot of time with every element to make sure I’m creating a world people can immerse themselves into. Whether the narrative is precise or ambiguous I try to attain a certain level of depth with each song that I hope people can latch onto and let it be as much a part of their own story as it is mine.”