“Blackbirds” By Ghostly Kisses

"Blackbirds" By Ghostly Kisses is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Blackbirds" By Ghostly Kisses is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Ghostly Kisses is musical project of French-Canadian singer/songwriter Margaux Sauvé. The artist recently announced her debut album Heaven, Wait will drop on January 21, 2022 via Coyote Records. Ahead of the album’s arrival, Ghostly Kisses has shared the track “Blackbirds.” Previous singles from the album include “Heaven, Wait,” and “Don’t Know Why.”

“Blackbirds,” kicks off with electronic drums and a haunting falsetto, instantly setting the tone for an emotional journey through Margaux’s most personal track to date. A single-note electric guitar riff underpins the tension in her vocals before a rousing string arrangement lifts the listener into a new world. On ‘Blackbirds’ Margaux sings candidly about depression; something she experienced first hand when she was eighteen going into an intensely dark place: “there was no grey area, there was only black or an idea of being free.”

Ghostly Kisses debut album Heaven, Wait was recorded largely at home with Margaux’s partner (in music and in life) Louis-Étienne Santais, working separately in the same house they would bounce ideas between rooms before coming together to rehearse the songs once they have developed into a solid enough form. Once they had the songs in a place they were happy with, they worked on the files in real time with producer Tim Bran, despite him being on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK, and with Thomas Bartlett in New York City on other songs.

Together they have created an album that nods to her contemporaries like Billie Eilish and Aurora, blending pop songs in sophisticated production; but Ghostly Kisses can be traced further back to Royksopp’s ‘Running To The Sea’ and London Grammar – Margaux first learned to sing by trying to imitate Hannah Reid, a gateway to discovering her own way of singing.

All the songs on ‘Heaven, Wait’ talk at some point about a transition or a relationship Margaux had to work on, not wanting to be stuck in a situation forever. Whilst the story of the album is an intensely personal journey, it’s the first time we find Margaux writing about excitement and desire.

Ghostly Kisses
Heaven Wait
Coyote Records
Track List

1. Heartbeat
2. Heaven, Wait
3. Don’t Know Why
4. Blackbirds
5. A Different Kind of Love
6. Clay
7. Carry Me
8. Play Dead
9. Green Book
10. Your Heart is Gold

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