Black Country, New Road Release “Bread Song”

UK band Black Country New Road have shared their new single "Bread Song"
Black Country New Road share new single "Bread Song"

UK collective Black Country, New Road have have dropped “Bread Song”, the second single, lifted off their forthcoming release Ants From Up There, due out on February 4, 2022 via on Ninja Tune. The London-based seven-piece will embark on their first ever headline tour across North America throughout February and March 2022, with stops in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco and more.

The new single’s highly emotive lyrics and tender, stripped-back instrumentation have seen it instantly gel with fans. Lyrically, “Bread Song” might be rooted in something hugely relatable and every day – bread crumbs in bed – but the lyrics were tweaked and thought about in various stages over a four-year period. The track also continues to signal the musical evolution of the band’s new material further delving into more melodic territory with subtly intricate dynamics, which swell up into beautiful moments that engulf the listener like crashing waves.

Speaking about the track, frontman Isaac Wood says: “We wanted to do the first chorus with no time signature. I went to see Steve Reich do Music for 18 Musicians and there’s a piece where a bar length is determined by the breadth of the clarinet player, they just play until they run out of breath. I wanted to try that with the whole band, where we don’t look at each other, we don’t make too many cues, we just try and play without time – but together.”

Recorded at Chale Abbey Studios, Isle Of Wight, across the summer with the band’s long-term live engineer Sergio Maschetzko, it’s also an album that comes loaded with a deep-rooted conviction in the end result. “We were just so hyped the whole time,” says Hyde. “It was such a pleasure to make. I’ve kind of accepted that this might be the best thing that I’m ever part of for the rest of my life. And that’s fine.”

Black Country, New Road
North American Tour Dates

18/02/2022 – DC9 Nightclub, Washington, DC – US (SOLD OUT)
19/02/2022 – The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA – US (SOLD OUT)
22/02/2022 – Sultan Room, Turk’s Inn, Brooklyn, NY – US (SOLD OUT)
23/02/2022 – Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY – US (SOLD OUT)
25/02/2022 – Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA – US (SOLD OUT)
26/02/2022 – Bar Le Ritz, Montreal, QC – CAN
28/02/2022 – Third Man Records, Detroit, MI – US (SOLD OUT)
01/03/2022 – Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL – US (SOLD OUT)
03/03/2022 – Neumos, Seattle, WA – US*
04/03/2022 – Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR – US*
05/03/2022 – The Miniplex, Richard’s Goat Tavern, Arcata, CA – US
06/03/2022 – Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA – US
08/03/2022 – Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA – US (SOLD OUT)
09/03/2022 – Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA – US